Affordable Affirmation Cards in Australia at Wholesale Prices

Looking for the perfect gift? A thoughtful and meaningful gift to give to a friend or family member? Check out Diesel & DUTCH’s affirmation card sets in Australia. Diesel & DUTCH affirmation cards set features 25 daily positive affirmations that aim to strengthen mindset, improve motivations, and increase feelings of self-worth.

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Each affirmation card set includes an easel and features famous and inspiring quotes across 8 different themes. Empowerment, Love, Friendship, New Beginnings, Mothers, Family, Daily Tonic and Relax. This thoughtful gift is beautifully designed for people of any age to display in their homes, bedroom, or workplace.


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Stocking gifts that have wide appeal to your customers can be difficult and time-consuming to find. Diesel & DUTCH have the perfect gift-giving range with 8 different themed affirmation card sets with each set featuring 25 positive affirmations that cover broad themes that relate to our everyday lives. Empowerment, Love, Friendship, New Beginnings, Mothers, Family, Daily Tonic and Relax. These affirmation card sets are the perfect new addition to any gift store across Australia.


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Diesel & DUTCH creates uniquely designed wholesale gifts that feature great packaging at affordable pricing. Our affirmation cards capture meaningful quotes that aim to decrease stress and strengthen the conscious and subconscious mind. Within these eye-catching designer gift boxes each set includes 25 themed affirmation cards and a mini wooden display easel. At Diesel & DUTCH, we aim for our gift-givers to be just as excited as the person receiving the gift.

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